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DazzleWrap is Gift Wrap Reimagined


DazzleWrap Kickstarter is finally here! With Dazzlewrap, you can wrap a present in under ten seconds. Incorporating the same ancient techniques used to make Asian paper lanterns, Dazzlewrap is a beautifully folded paper dome attached to a sturdy base. It includes a gift tag, magnetic closure and colorful, strong ribbons for carrying. Best of all, you can add our Dazzlelite to have your present glow in a variety of colors for added intrigue and surprise.

"I'm a horrible wrapper and I wanted to do something special for my daughter's holiday gift," said David Bezar, Founder and Creator of DazzleWrap. "I came up with the idea for DazzleWrap after studying all the options in craft & gift stores, including origami, the Japanese art of paper folding, once I had my prototype, I added the DazzleLite. Now I have something that's truly unique and beautiful. Gift recipients sometimes think the DazzleWrap is the gift, itself!"

DazzleWrap currently comes in three convenient sizes: small, medium and large. The company has been granted four patents on their product and multiple designs for birthdays, anniversaries, holidays and ANY other occasion you want to make special.

DazzleWrap can also be used for crafting, do-it-yourself projects, ornaments or table decorations and more! Licensing opportunities are available, as well.

You can back DazzleWrap on Kickstarter now and be the first to surprise your next gift recipient with this unique product.

DazzleWrap, Inc. is based in Huntington Beach, California.

For more information CLICK HERE check out our Kickstarter campaign at:

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