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Introducing DazzleWrap, the first innovative way to wrap gifts in over 30 years. Inspired by traditional paper lanterns, DazzleWrap comes in colorful patterns and multiple sizes suitable for any occasions.

Gift Wrap Reimagined
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Our Dazzle Wraps come in many shapes and forms. Here are a few of them in action. To see all our products Click Here

The SuperBowl is around the corner, and your friends are naturally amidst their fantasy league frenzies. The football Helmet Wrap is the perfect way to show some football love.

For the classic baseball fanatic, or for anybody else that appreciates the art of cool, the Baseball cap dazzle is the perfect way to set your sports gift apart from the rest.

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01  /  02  /  2019 

DazzleWrap launches Custom Pattern and Custom Shape product offering


01  /  05  /  2018

DazzleWrap attends the Philadelphia Gift show  -  www.philadelphiagiftshow.com

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12  /  20  /  2017

DazzleWrap wins Best New Product of the Year Award

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